HPSG 2022

29th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar

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For presenters

General information

The registered participants will receive a confirmation message containing information necessary to participate in the Zoom sessions and access the Discord server. Please refrain from distributing this information to non-registrants.

The invited talks will be held live (synchronously) on Zoom. The regular presentations are pre-recorded, but there will be question and discussion sessions on Zoom.

Posting videos and other materials on your Discord channel

Each presentation (main conference and workshop, regular and invited) will be assigned a Discord channel.

Regular presenters are asked to post their pre-recorded videos (20 minutes for long papers, and 10 minutes for short papers) and associated materials on their respective Discord channel. Discord allows you to upload files, but the maximum file size is limited to 8MB. This is likely insufficient for your video file. We thus suggest that you upload your file elsewhere (your institution’s server, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.) and just put a link to it on your Discord channel. You can do the same with your other files (handout, etc.), although small files could be directly posted on Discord channels, too. Your channel should look like the screenshot below.


We ask that the videos and materials be posted by July 22nd, if not earlier, so that participants have enough time to watch pre-recorded presentations.

Questions and Discussion

Live discussion sessions for regular presentations will take place on Zoom. A discussion session for a long paper is 15 minute long, and one for a short paper is 10 minute long. All sessions will be moderated by a chair person. The presenters are asked to give a short summary of their paper (maximum 5 min for a long paper, and 3 min for a short paper) at the beginning of their session.

Please follow the standard courtesy:

  1. Your microphone should be muted except when you speak.
  2. It is encouraged to turn on your webcam when you speak.
  3. Make your name on Zoom transparent, following the format along the lines of:
    • Jane DOE, Nagoya Univ.

In addition to live sessions, your Discord channel can be used as a venue of text-based discussion. The presenters are encouraged to check their channel regularly, and respond to any comments or questions left there. You may arrange personal voice/video sessions with interested participants, too.


You can contact the local organizers at the following address:


or by leaving messages on the #general channel on the Discord server.